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National Minority AIDS Council
The journey began in Minnesota's
Twin Cities and headed into small
towns of the Heartland.  They
crossed the Mississippi, rode
through Wisconsin backroads and
across farms and fields of Amish
country.  In Illinois, they were
greeted with red ribbons on every
telephone pole.  The ride culminated
in an exciting celebration - the
Closing Ceremonies in Chicago.
Cyndy and Joy sincerely thank all those who rode with them in spirit.
We thank them for taking us on their journey.
National Minority AIDS Council
Howard Brown Health Center
American Foundation for AIDS Research
AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin
Ginger Prendergast
Jackie Priestly
Laura & George Proppe
Amria Proweller
Charlotte & Steve Rakich
Bob Rivers
Alexandra Solomon
Sue Strong & Barb Scherrer
Jill Sturonas
Chris Swanson & Andy Suth
Terri Tratar
Barbara Unikel & John Pacay
Dick Uyvari & Joe La Pat
Sheila & Bill Whitman
Morgaine Wilder
Linda Wold

Thanks to these supporters,
Cyndy and Joy raised
HIV/AIDS Support Services
This site is dedicated to their ride and the family and friends who supported them in their journey.
July 9-14, 2001:
joined over 1,500 riders on a
six-day, 500-mile bike ride to
raise awareness and funds
to support people
living with AIDS.
Amy Alfred & Evan Levow
Tamara Baker
Steve Batten & Peter Garvey
Sarita Bhakuni
Joan Boyd & Joe Abruzzo
Lisa & Art Boyd
Julie Brandies
Judith Burdan
Anthony Contessa
Sherry Cormier
Larry & Sarah Crawford
Larry Donoso (aka "Devil Dog")
Mary Didelot & Lisa Hollingsworth
Paul Dixon
Connie Dugan
Patrick Finnessy
Michaeline Florek
Karen Fontaine
Jeanine & Mark Foreman
Pam Frampton
Bill & Judith Giddings
Jane Gilbert & Tim Tavis
Bonita Berryman Gilliam
Pamela Gold
Bill Gorman
Lorna Hecker
Carol Hus
Jone James
Kimberly James
Michelle James
Pat & Shannon Keating
Liz Keys
Taywaditep Kittiwut & Richard Frame
William Ledford
Bob Lees
Saul Lerner
Damon Mackert
Karen Maddi & Robert Perks
Linda Hus Manes
Radmila Manev
Manhattan Welding Company
Ned & Tori Meagher
Tom & Eva Mihail
Jennifer & Dan Boyd Mullineaux
Morisa & Troy Miller
Phyllis Moglieski-Watson
Lew & Irene Morgan
Kristen & Dan Neumann
Karin Nussbaum
Geraldine Piorkowski
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