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jumbo shrimp
military intelligence
war games
clean dirt
cynical teacher
working vacation
speed bump
pygmy hippos
incorrect facts
original copy
peacekeeper missile
dramatic understatement
nerve-racking game
brutally empathetic
blank message
extensive briefing
general details
guest host
vaguely familiar
down elevator
overactive imagination
French trucker
almost immediately
carefully grab
cost free
Microsoft Works
healthy tan
peace force
shared secret
McDonald's fancy ketchup
low priority
designer jeans
mutual differences
silent alarm
death benefits
larger half
good, clean fight
rolling stop
among the first
even odds
better than new
vegan leather
free with subscription
first annual
almost completely
health cookies
suspended animation
friendly fire
soft rock
clearly confused
found missing
appear invisible
loose tights
pretty ugly
nearly always
closely distant
distantly close
random order
instant classic
small crowd
old news
legally drunk
big baby
most all
religious war
civil war
holy war
real faux pearls
tax return
only choice
plastic glasses
veggie burger
personal computer
same difference
culture-free test
resident alien
wireless cable
business ethics
a little overwhelmed
short lecture
vigilante justice
easy payments
no comment
less is more
open secret
too garlicky (if you're Greek)
virtual reality
party of one
single party
comic tragedy
Sweet Tarts
cruel kindness
altogether disorganized
loosely organized
serial monogamy
real imitation flavor
act naturally
natural preservative
prompt medical care
alone together
sweet sour sauce
mild hot sauce
exact estimate
vaguely concerned
passive aggressive
unknown identity
big little boy
personal prerecorded message
frozen hot chocolate
True Lies
work party
Dodge Ram
tight slacks
head butt
leisure suit
taped live
nondiscriminatory evaluation
nondairy creamer
sports sedan
mercy killing
lowest peak
almost on time
nearly punctual
good grief
the same difference
alone together
seriously funny
one-way conversation
JUMBO shrimp
ak-si-'mo(e)r-,an \ n [LGk]:
a combination of contradictory or
incongruous words
Favorite Oxymorons
Embracing and Teaching DIVERSITY
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